The Fall – Capitalism

In 2014, it can be said that the “the Western Model” is completely failed. The imposition of such an economic, political, environmental model, has taken to the huge growth of few countries and has disadvantaged many others, so showing that this model has something wrong and need to be changed. The world needs new forms of economic and environmental policies, more sustainable for humans. Capitalism, pollution and industrialization without rules, nuclear energy, arms trafficking and wars, oil and its derivatives,  are no longer sustainable for human welfare. This project consists of five photographs about nations that have made the Western model imposed to the rest of the world like the only one possible, creating illusions of well-being. They are fully reversible one with the other, because these nations have pursued the same policy throughout the twentieth and the twenty-first century.

United States - Capitalism

United States – Capitalism

© Giovanni Albore
Post-Production: Donato Cosmo


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